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Mission Statement

Our mission is to impress upon visitors that the quality of our future depends upon our ability to support communities while enhancing nature.  We provide hands-on experience on a working farm in order to demonstrate the importance of ecological balance and environmental stewardship.

The Farm at Kraut Run is managed as an integral part of its natural surroundings.  We produce food while avoiding monocultural practices and man-made chemicals in order to mimic the plant and animal diversity of nature.  We believe that paying attention to the interconnectedness of all life cycles is key to sustainable agriculture.


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A picture is worth a thousand words.  Anyone who has heard me speak knows I’m good for the thousand words, but why take a gardening class in a classroom when you can take one in the garden and get the picture as well?

We offer gardening classes from beginning organic gardening to gathering and preserving your  harvest.  Course titles include:  “Organic Gardening 101”,  “How to Make and Use Your Own Compost”,  “Starting Vegetable Transplants”,  Controlling Pests with Beneficial Insects”, “Preserving Your Harvest” and many more.  Classes are scheduled when we have enough interest in a particular topic.  Send an email with the course or courses you are interested in.  Courses cost $20.00 and run approximately two hours.

We also offer organic garden consultation and installation.  You can have a private consultation here in our garden or at your site.  Contact us for a fee schedule and details.

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Here are a few mentions The Farm at Kraut Run received in local news media as well as awards and Thank You notes from visitors.

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Farm at Kraut Run Events

Rent the farm for your wedding or birthday.

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